Irrigation & Fountains

Commercial Irrigation Systems

Irrigation & Fountains RJ Lawn & Landscape's vision is to set the gold standard of quality that makes us proud of our properties, our projects, our people, and our profession. This vision is always displayed in the work that we do with irrigation systems. RJ Lawn & Landscape provides commercial irrigation designs, installation, maintenance, and irrigation system upgrades. Our irrigation system maintenance includes sprinkler system start-up, certified backflow prevention testing, maintenance checks, and shutdown/winterization. The RJ team maintains certifications by the national Irrigation Association, and our experienced irrigation technicians are well trained and committed to professionalism while serving our customers every day. We are committed to being on the leading edge of new irrigation technology with the goal of conserving our natural resource of water and making it simple to ensure healthy plant material on even the largest commercial sites. RJ Lawn & Landscape recognizes that proper irrigation system maintenance and irrigation system scheduling is crucial to conserving water and providing the proper amount of water required to keep your turf and plant material healthy and looking great.

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Residential Sprinkler Systems

Irrigation & Fountains RJ Lawn & Landscape's mission is to provide the quality experience that every client deserves by delivering our best every day. Our irrigation technicians carry out this mission everyday while servicing our customers sprinkler systems. RJ Lawn & Landscape offers residential sprinkler system design, installation, service, and sprinkler system upgrades. Our sprinkler system maintenance packages include sprinkler system start-up, certified backflow prevention testing, maintenance checks, and shutdown/winterization. RJ Lawn & Landscapes experienced irrigation technicians will complete thorough sprinkler system checks to make sure sprinkler heads are adjusted properly, the sprinkler system controller is set up correctly, and find any leaks or worn-out sprinkler system components that are in need of repair. Proactive maintenance of sprinkler systems is crucial to make sure water is not being wasted and the landscape is getting the right amount of water to keep it healthy and looking beautiful. Our irrigation technicians will provide honest and professional service to every customer while answering any questions they may have about their sprinkler system.

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RJ Lawn & Landscape is able to take care of all your large fountain and pond aerating needs. We carefully install, service, remove and offer winter storage of large pond fountains and aerators for commercial and residential applications. As an authorized Otterbine Service Center, our specialized staff performs all maintenance service needs and troubleshooting of fountain equipment and pond aerators right here in Waukee.

Whether your water feature is large or small, our trained staff can help you find the right equipment to manage water quality or improve a water feature's appearance. Otterbine offers many options in Aerating Fountains, Giant Fountains, Industrial Aerators, and Subsurface Mixers to improve your water quality. Fountains can be used in a variety of applications to create sensational displays with optional lighting. Low-profile patterns and subsurface equipment are available in Industrial Aeration and Diffused Air systems which provide unique solutions to managing water quality.

All equipment is guaranteed by Otterbine's Warranty Program.

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