Miles (and yards) above the rest.

Why settle for OK when you have RJ?

Current provider not cutting it? We’re outdoor architects. Our approach is all about consulting and enhancing, making your space shine now and for years to come.

Whether it’s a sprawling estate or a cozy backyard, we’ve got you covered. Certified and equipped with the latest tools, we tackle challenges head-on. Problems? They’re opportunities for us to shine. We analyze, innovate, and implement tailored solutions.

As a family business, we treat you and your lawn with care. No unnecessary sales pitches – just genuine care and professionalism. Only nice guys make the cut. Because it’s not just about lawns; it’s about making lives brighter, one landscape at a time.

the owners of RJ Lawn and their dog standing in front of snow removal vehicles

Our Mission

Provide the quality experience that every client deserves by delivering our best every day.

Our Vision

Set the gold standard of quality that makes us proud of our properties, our projects, our people, and our profession.